senior personnel, we can improve the quality of the enterprise. The main cause "East shoe West" beca
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China's economy, labor costs began to rise. Since entering in 2013, China's eastern coastal areas are often seen "labor shortage" actually reflects the psychology of labor remuneration expectations have started to rise. However, the employer due to the fierce international competition, and do not want to significantly improve the remuneration levels. So there will soon be fixed wages, the workers do not want to work in these areas phenomenon. If this situation continues to develop, so the future development prospects of China's low labor costs based footwear industry will be limited, can produce footwear industry is likely to continue to India, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam and other labor worldwide lower-cost regions shift domestic footwear industry "East shoe West" has become common practice four industrial clusters is well known, China has four industrial clusters: one is based in Guangzhou, Dong Wan et al: for representatives of Guangdong shoe base,

the main production of high-end shoes; two, based in Wenzhou, Taizhou and other: for the representative of  womens converse all star Zhejiang shoe base, mainly middle and low production of shoes; three, based in Chengdu, Chongqing, as the representative of the western shoe base: the main production shoes ; four, is Quanzhou, Jinjiang and other places as the representative of footwear production base: The main production of sports shoes. Chinese demand for footwear talent? Chinese shoe companies shoe demand for talent is very large. China has begun to attach importance to training shoe shoe top talent, as long as providing footwear senior personnel, we can improve the quality of the enterprise. The main cause "East shoe West" because the enterprise in order

to reduce production costs and open up the western market. Western region provides more than half of the country, such as pigs converse pro star and sheep rawhide resources, has long distance transport of these hides and skins are processed into leather to the eastern coastal areas, then lose to the east of the shoe manufacturers. This "skin in the West, the shoes in the East," the situation does not meet the market demand for rational allocation of economic resources, for the shoe-making enterprises, increasing the cost of production. "East shoe West" can effectively reduce production costs. In addition, "East shoe West" will help enterprises to develop the western market. But the Chinese "East shoe West" industrial migration is not able to complete all of a sudden


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